The race quickly get kids excited.

The suspense right before a player say “RUSH!”, the short-lived near-miss feeling when you almost make a move first, the “aha” when you grab an unexpected win…

NumRush is social.

Kids are competing, but at the same time they are helping each other. After every move, the players explain how they came up with the target numbers. It’s always natural for another player to ask for explanation again.

In NumRush, no kids are left behind!

Everyone can always jump in the longest line with just a simple addition or subtraction. Starting is easy, no matter how far you are left behind. Even a 2nd-grader can become a formidable opponent in a race of 4th-graders.

Dynamic game play rewards creative and strategic thinking.

Players constantly come up with many ways of combining the numbers. Every NumRush race is different. Moreover, as the game progresses, kids soon discover that they can make any target number. That’s when strategic thinking kicks in. Little players are now preparing a few steps ahead to win the most points.

It's adaptive to the players' math levels.

The rules can be customized for fun or educational purposes. To maintain the best balance, the basic rule does not include the zero cards. You can add them to make it easier for younger kids (age 6-8). Or you can make the race more hardcore!

In the NumRush world, kids hold the power.

It’s fun for little racers to imagine themselves as powerful and witty mushrooms. The numbers work for the kids, helping them win the race. No more boring symbols but lovely numbers which can be bossed around.

Teacher guide coming soon

We are launching on Kickstarter!

We are launching on Kickstarter!

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We are launching soon on Kickstarter!

We are launching soon on Kickstarter!

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