How fast can you Math ?

Explore the beautiful world of spell-casting Mushrooms,
cute Numbers & Arithmetic in this math board game from Vietnam.

Introducing NumRush Math Game

NumRush is a uniquely thrilling math racing game from Vietnam. Kids (ages 8+) race against others in a fantasy math world by solving little number puzzles. It’s highly engaging and easy-to-learn. While the kids are laughing and interacting, they are also sharpening their number skills.

“I especially like the idea that, rather than asking kids to solve specific problems (like “what’s 7 minus 3” — boring), you’re asking kids to invent problems on their own (fun!)”

– Dr. Jeff Weeks –

“The game allows kids to be creators. It’s great to see them modifying the gameplay and trying out different game setups.”

– Tung Pham – International Mathematical Olympiads 2007 Gold Medalist

“The game is good and well thought.”

– Ernest Chan, AESIR GAME, Hongkong

“Fitting my center for young groups.”

– Miss HO, Bravo Learning, Hongkong

“The game is simple and fun to play, suitable for kids. We enjoy playing NumRush.”

– Moulmein Church of Christ Singapore

“It’s great to see the kids come up with the calculation themselves. NumRush helps them to develop better number sense and computation”

– Diem Phung, Teacher, POMATH math specialized center for kids, Hanoi

From Vietnam with both Fun and Love

Nhat Le
Tuan Ngo

Two childhood friends, after building a growing board game community of over 200,000 fans in Vietnam, couldn’t find a math game which is truly engaging. So they designed a beautiful math racing game to maximize excitement for the little players.

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We are launching on Kickstarter!

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We are launching soon on Kickstarter!

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